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“Smokeball truly ‘puts paperless to the test,’ and allows for a seamless integration across both of our offices that is impacting our bottom line.” – Michael Rapp


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Kansas City, KS

Finding a the right case management solution to manage a growing client base can be tricky. Kansas City firm Stecklein & Rapp turned to Smokeball to put “paperless to the test” and have since completely revolutionized the way they practice law. As a Consumer Credit Law firm, they were able to see take on more cases and see profits skyrocket since implementing Smokeball, the Case Management Software in their small law firm in Kansas.

After an unsuccessful two-year search for a solution that could manage their growing client base, the Kansas City law offices of Stecklein & Rapp finally turned to Smokeball.

About Stecklein & Rapp

Stecklein & Rapp is a Consumer Credit law firm located in Kansas City. The firm has represented hundreds of consumers in cases against banks, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, insurance companies and car dealers. A process-driven firm in its own right, Stecklein & Rapp has implemented Smokeball across both of the firm’s Kansas City offices.

The Search

Over time, Stecklein & Rapp had identified a long list of “silent killers” in their day-to-day operations, from repetitive form fields to client management. They realized there must be a better way to streamline their firm’s work, and set out to find a solution. The problem? No software seemed to come close to meeting all of their needs.

A Smooth Transition

Stecklein & Rapp went through the Smokeball onboarding process and had their cases, forms, and contacts migrated to the Smokeball platform seamlessly. A Smokeball Client Success Trainer at their side, Stecklein & Rapp completely customized Smokeball to include all the forms and documents they regularly use in consumer protection law and began working smarter, not harder. Even the most “technologically resistant” members of the firm experienced a smooth transition. Stecklein & Rapp knew they had found a piece of software that would truly improve their life at their small law firm.

Profitability & Productivity

Stecklein & Rapp have found that by using Smokeball’s Activity Intelligence feature they are able to better determine their billable hours for specific cases. This has allowed Stecklein & Rapp to increase productivity by 20% over the previous year because of the tools available in Smokeball’s suite. The efficiency gains have allowed Stecklein & Rapp to better serve their clients while also increasing profitability. Stecklein & Rapp’s team expressed that one of their favorite features of Smokeball is the automated forms. With over 12,000 automated court forms available they have been able to increase efficiency in document assembly while reducing errors. As their business continues to grow they have seen value in Smokeball’s workflow, which allows any member working on a case to track progress and provide pertinent updates to their clients. Stecklein & Rapp have seen significant growth in their business as they take on more complex cases thanks to Smokeball.

The Future

Since implementing Smokeball, Stecklein & Rapp has experienced a complete revolution in getting more work done. The attorneys and staff are especially enjoying the confidence of delivering 100% accurate and error-free work. Stecklein & Rapp report that they’ve not only been able to take on more clients, but they’ve also seen profits skyrocket after just a few months of implementing Smokeball. Stecklein & Rapp reports that they’ve seen a significant growth and are able to manage their most complex cases more efficiently.

Stecklein & Rapp
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Without Smokeball, I would practice law differently.

Michael Rapp, Stecklein & Rapp


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