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Automated Legal Forms Library

Smokeball's legal forms library of over 20,000 automated legal forms is always growing. Find the legal document templates you need across all areas of law in multiple federal, state, and county jurisdictions for over 250 matter types.

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Automated Legal Forms Library
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Speed Document Creation with Smokeball’s Legal Forms Software

Smokeball’s well-organized Legal Forms Library houses more than 20,000 easy-to-find federal, state, county, administrative, and other public forms. This legal forms integration means that case details you’ve entered into Smokeball any matter can automatically fill any documents you need to move a case forward. Reduce time the time it takes for your legal staff spends filling out legal forms, as well as errors during the process.

Smokeball’s legal forms library is the comprehensive forms library that goes hand-in-hand with full practice management software. Leveraging Smokeball’s legal forms library also means the time your team spends filling legal forms will automatically be tracked with our lawyer time-tracking software.

See how it works
See how it works

Practice Area-Specific Legal Forms

Regardless of what kind of law you practice or where you practice law, Smokeball has every practice area covered. Our legal forms library has specific legal forms and templates (like client letters, motions and other correspondence) for your needs. Litigators will find Federal, State, County, and administrative legal forms pertinent to each step and type of dispute. Real estate and other transactional practitioners will find title insurance forms, tax forms, deeds, contracts, and so much more.

From family, personal injury law and real estate to probate, estate planning and criminal law (and the list goes on), we continuously add to our extensive library, so you can always request an addition.

Custom Legal Form Builder

The faster and more accurately you prepare legal forms and documents, the more time you can spend on high-impact work for your clients. Smokeball's robust integration with Microsoft Word means that legal forms and documents automatically fill in with case and client details saved in the related Smokeball matter.

The legal forms library, paired with the Microsoft integration, eliminates the need to find documents online and copy-paste or rekey information.  Practice area-specific information — such as the client’s date of separation or a real estate property address — automatically merge into your form library. Standardize your templates so everyone in your firm produces consistent, quality legal documents without errors. You and your staff will save time, reduce errors, and ensure that they're creating the most up-to-date and accurate legal forms.

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Explore More Features to Boost Your Practice!

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Legal billing software

Automated, streamlined legal accounting and billing tools help your law firm create invoices, bill and collect payments, faster and more securely than ever before.

Automated legal time tracking software

Smokeball’s automated legal time-tracking software records and categorizes all the work your legal team does in the Smokeball platform and across key integrations like Microsoft Word and Outlook. That data automatically populates easy-to-edit invoices for faster billing and more!

Legal case management

With Smokeball, you can finally Run Your Best Firm, from intake to final decree and getting those valuable client referrals. Everything you enter into our legal case management platform saves to the related matter and is accessible from wherever your team works, so you’re organized and streamlined.

Legal document automation

Smokeball’s legal forms library, boasting over 20,000 legal forms and  legal documents templates, come preconfigured and integrated into our legal case management platform, allowing you to auto-fill forms and templates for quick work and unparalleled accuracy.

FAQs about Automated Legal Forms Library

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Are Smokeball’s legal documents templates free?

Yes, Smokebal’s entire legal forms library of over 20,000 legal forms and document templates is completely free to Smokeball users. If you don’t see what you need, the Smokeball team can add it or help you create your own templates!

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Are Smokeball’s legal forms up-to-date?

Yes, Smokeball keeps the legal forms up to date. Our staff is continuously adding to our legal forms library so you can always find what you need.

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Can I see the full list of legal templates for my practice area?

Check out to see the full list.

Ready to Boost Your Law Practice?

  • Up-to-date and comprehensive legal forms library

  • Over 20,000 legal forms and document templates organized by federal, state and local jurisdictions and area of law

  • Fully configured document automation capabilities to ensure accurate work while saving hours each day

  • Integrated into Smokeball’s industry leading legal case management software for organization and accessibility across matters

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