Law Firm Email Management

Smokeball’s email management software automatically tracks each email against the matter.

The Best Email Management Software for Small Law Firms

With Smokeball, your team can access any email and can help the client immediately.

Microsoft Outlook

  • Seamless integration
  • Easy-to-use toolbar in Outlook
  • Copies saved to Smokeball
  • Automatically filed into the matter
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  • View all emails
  • Saved to proper matters
  • Easily searchable
  • No mis-addressed emails
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  • Subject lines
  • Save email templates
  • Time spent on emails recorded
  • Responses saved into correct matter
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Powered by Microsoft Outlook, write, review and organize emails that the entire firm can access.

A law firm deals with thousands of emails per day. Smokeball organizes that immense volume for easy access by any staff member. Plus, with Smokeball you can never run out of storage, so saving thousands of emails to their proper files is no problem. Allowing all staff members to see the latest email on a file means that your entire team can have informed conversations with clients or simply pick up where someone else left off.

Smokeball’s seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook results in easy and automatic saving of emails to their specific file. No more convoluted email forwarding required for saving emails to the system. Instead, Smokeball intuitively connects right in your Outlook window. Simply type in the name of your file, and the email is there! Additionally, responses on that email chain will automatically filter into the same file, requiring much less work to save copies into the file. You will also have the choice as to whether and which email attachments follow the email into the Smokeball file.

Protect yourself from malpractice and automatically capture all your time working on emails.

The integration is just as powerful when beginning an email from a Smokeball file. Generate an email via the Smokeball toolbar, and have Smokeball fill out your addressees and subject lines automatically based on your preferences. Never mistakenly send an email to a person that’s not associated to the matter – when you work from Smokeball your email will always go to the correct contact on that matter.

Emails saved to Smokeball are searchable and will stay in your Smokebal matters as long as you want in an easily-accessible and easily-searchable way. Include saved emails on legal tasks so that any firm employee can have the correct email handed to them when needed. The time you’ll save with Smokeball’s law firm email management tools is tangible because any emails saved to Smokeball will also be tracked with Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time tracking software. Emails will no longer fall through the cracks, in the office or on a bill.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“With Smokeball, dropping the ball is virtually impossible.”

Colleen Ceh Becvar

Strochschein Law Group
Instant PDF Creation

Smokeball can easily convert any document to a PDF before sending it as an attachment. Smokeball’s PDF creator also has the ability to combine multiple documents into one PDF for you. All emails and their attachments are saved into the matter for easy access by all staff. Never mistakenly send an email to a person that’s not associated to the matter – when you work from Smokeball your email will always go to the correct contact on that matter.

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Save 10% of Your Day

Smokeball’s email management software for attorneys is a seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook that automatically organizes matter-related emails sent and received into one centralized area, called the “Digital File”, without forcing you to forward, bcc, save to a folder, or print the specific email. Additionally, Smokeball clients have reported that they save an average of 10% of their day on administrative tasks, simply because they no longer have to search through Outlook or Gmail daily for matter-related communications.

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Email that Manages Anyone

Most importantly, Smokeball will manage all the emails on the matter regardless of who sent or received the email. When you have multiple people working on the same file, you can see each other’s emails relating to a specific matter, eliminating the headache of forwarding, bcc’ing, saving to folders or printing. Stay effortlessly in the loop on each matter and easily address clients’ inquiries on an email even if you were not the original contact on the email thread.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

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