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COMING SOON: Smokeball AI Legal software

Supercharge your productivity securely with Smokeball AI

Smokeball AI software for law firms' first-to-market features are:

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Your legal AI journey starts with Smokeball

No more add-ons required! Your AI legal software tools live in Smokeball’s all-in-one platform providing real time answers, document drafting, matter summaries, and more! You’ve just found your new best friend for research and writing.

Intake faster
than ever

Harness the power of AI to transform all of your intake information (even paper forms) and turn them into digital forms.

Answers and drafting in seconds

The fastest way to obtain matter information, summarize large documents and case activity, and draft legal correspondence.

Tailored time
sheet descriptions

A world where beautifully tailored descriptions work seamlessly with your automatic time tracking. Just do the work, and let Smokeball do the rest!

Smokeball has a 5-star GetApp RatingSmokeball has a 5-star Google RatingSmokeball has a 5-star Software Advice RatingSmokeball has a 5-star G2 RatingSmokeball has a 5-star Capterra Rating

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“AI won’t replace you, but those who use it will soon eclipse those who don’t.”

Hunter Steele, Smokeball CEO


Smokeball's AI tools for better law firm productivity

See how it works

Smokeball Intake.Ai

Harness the power of AI to take your existing intake data and transform it into customizable digital intake forms at lightning speed.

  • Say goodbye to paper forms and PDFs

  • Save you and your clients hours of time

  • Gain quality control over your client data

Smokeball Ask.Ai

Combining three powerful AI engines into one, Smokeball AI allows you to search your own matters and documents for concise answers, summaries and drafting right within in your Smokeball matters.

  • Get answers to any question on your matters in seconds

  • Review and summarize legal matter documents

  • Draft emails, messages and correspondence and connect directly with Outlook

  • Easy and secure access

See how it works
See how it works

Smokeball AutoTime.Ai

Not only recording what you did and how long you spent on it, but delivering beautifully, tailored descriptions at the same time. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t!

  • The most accurate and automatic time sheet globally

  • Automated tailored descriptions

  • Save time and provide a better client experience

Want to know more about Smokeball AI for law firms?

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When will the suite of Smokeball AI tools be available?

We are launching a beta next month with select clients, and anticipate a release to all clients by mid-year.

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How much will Smokeball AI be?

Our goal is to ensure our clients find AI both safe, secure and easy to use. Our mission is to help smaller law firms be more productive, drive more revenue and run their best firm, and with this in mind we want our AI to be accessible to all clients.

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What tiers will Smokeball AI be available in?

Smokeball AI will first launch in Prosper+. We have plans to extend our AI capability across all our products as we continue to focus on how to improve existing workflows and boost productivity for our clients.

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I’m a Smokeball client and I’d love to be part of the beta. How do I join?

Awesome! We’re excited to hear it. The beta program is ramping up and we will provide more details soon.

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I’d love to keep learning more about AI in the legal industry. Where can I find out more?

Smokeball are not only committed to developing and innovating in this space, but we’re also passionate about helping you navigate the AI jungle! Our research papers, webinars and blog articles continue to be a source of much needed advice for the industry, and as we progress we are partnering with some of the greatest AI minds in the legal space. Below you will find some links which might be helpful for you and your team.