Legal Calendar for Attorneys and Staff

A legal calendar with convenient views by week, work week, month, and timeline.

The Best Calendaring Software for Law Firms

Once you create an event in the calendar, see that specific matter and access the entire client file from any calendar event.


  • Transparent to staff
  • Collaborative
  • Know what’s going on for everyone
  • Easy to use and view
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Synced with Outlook

  • If you love Outlook, use it!
  • Associate Outlook items to Smokeball matters
  • Two calendars are better than one!
  • Outlook events on matters and Daily Digest
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Convenient Access

  • Redundant so nothing gets missed!
  • Events assigned to matters
  • Connected to Daily Digest
  • Access on the Mobile App
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Manage your legal calendaring, docketing and case management with one solution.

Whether you practice real estate law or immigration law, your law office calendaring software is an important source of information about your business. It is the one thing that must be reliable, easy-to-use, and organized 100% of the time, so Smokeball provides you with a transparent, smart, mobile, and organized online legal calendar. Convenient views by week, work week, month, and timeline will let you and your staff know what’s coming up and where everyone is and needs to be.

Once you create an event in the calendar, see the specific matter to which it relates and access the entire client file with one click. Events created or invitations accepted in Microsoft Outlook are seamlessly added to and tracked by Smokeball law firm practice management software. One entry point for all law office calendar dates, cases and items means fewer mistakes that put you at risk of malpractice.

Never forget client meetings, miss court deadlines or arrive late to the office again.

Do you often miss a critical date because it wasn’t on your calendar? With Smokeball, you have access to everyone’s legal calendar within the firm. Easily see your staff’s calendars and stay in the loop with everyone’s day no matter where you are with one of the most powerful lawyer apps for attorneys.

Plus, with Smokeball’s seamless Outlook integration, you can view events from either Smokeball or Outlook, meaning even less chance something gets missed. Get a report of where you need to be each morning with Smokeball’s Daily Digest, which includes all calendar events for the day. Transparency is the name of the game with Smokeball’s calendar. Even if you’re too busy to keep on top of a certain day’s activities, your staff can view your calendar and help!

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We cannot imagine how we did things before Smokeball came along. What would have taken a dozen tedious steps before takes two clicks now with Smokeball.”

Elina Golod

Law Offices of Elina Golod, Ltd.
Matter-Specific Events With Easy Updates

Smokeball gives you the ability to associate all created events with their particular matters. Whether an event is created in Smokeball or Outlook, you can ensure it also appears in the matter itself so you can give all upcoming dates to your clients with one glance. Your time is automatically tracked by Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time tracking software when your events are saved to your calendar. Create recurring events, link tasks to calendar events and then seamlessly capture and bill for your time with Smokeball’s simple legal billing software.

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Legal Office Calendaring for All Law Firm Employees

Smokeball’s calendar allows you to see everything going on at your firm. Select only your personal calendar or request to add other employees’ calendars layered on top as desired for a complete experience. If an event is updated, it is updated across the system for all users, as well as in Outlook, meaning no confusion on important court dates or missed appointments. This transparent method of calendaring improves visibility within your firm so that important events are tracked as a team and nothing falls through the cracks.

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Calendar view of tasks and due dates in Smokeball case management software on desktop and mobile app.
Industry-leading Microsoft Outlook Integration

If you are a Microsoft Outlook user already, you will love Smokeball’s seamless calendar integration and law firm email management software. Create events from either Outlook or Smokeball and have those global firm events linked directly to their matters within your Smokeball system. Make an appointment on your staff’s behalf, assign your matter any critical date in your calendar, and easily search to find your next meeting.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

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