Legal Document Automation & Management

Everything you enter into Smokeball — contacts, parties, every detail — is used to automatically populate your firm’s legal documents in seconds.

Automated Legal Document Software

A seamless integration with Microsoft Word means easy, automated legal document creation from a (growing) library of over 20,000 forms.

Practice Area Specific

  • Over 200 Matter Types
  • Docs pull in specific pertinent info
  • No need to find and re-use old docs
  • No searching for important info when drafting
  • Add automated templates to tasks and workflows
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Public Form Library

  • 20,000+ automated public forms
  • Clean and organized
  • Search for public documents
  • Constantly growing
  • Reliable and up-to-date
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Custom Forms

  • Your own forms in your library
  • Customized letters and other docs
  • Firm letterhead and captions
  • Consistent product from entire firm
  • Automation Training included for additional docs
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Worry less about re-typing information and focus on what matters - your cases.

Most law firms are document heavy, meaning there is a high chance for error when typing and re-typing information. With legal document drafting software, both simple and complex documents smartly use the information and data in Smokeball legal practice management software to save time and eliminate errors from inaccurate drafting.

The power of having the best legal document preparation software inside of your case management system ranges from never re-typing an address into a document again to automatic paragraph inclusion based on your facts and parties.

Move seamlessly between Smokeball and Microsoft Word to create documents with ease.

The faster you can build automated legal forms and get documents out the door with the help of legal document software, the more volume you can take and the more profit for your firm. Legal document automation is even tracked by Smokeball’s automatic legal time tracking software so you know exactly how much time is spent and saved.

The ability to move seamlessly between your law practice management software and Microsoft Word, generate PDFs in one click and automatically track your time during legal document assembly: that’s the Smokeball difference.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I first started with Smokeball, I created the deed forms. And then I thought, it’d be pretty nice if Smokeball also did the TP 584 and the RP 5217. Well, I looked a little further and found that it did do that. It really speeds up the process of preparing a closing package.”

Jeffrey Erikson

Jeffrey Erickson Law Office
“As far as the document assembly, because I do a lot of ligation in a lot of different districts that already are T’d up, that would normally take me 4-5 hours from scratch, now I can change things in 10 minutes and race them out the door.”

Coleman Watson

Managing Partner of Watson LLP
Law Firm Efficiency, Customized to Your Preferences

You’ve spent time perfecting your firm’s standard documents, you know your process — let’s not start from scratch. With Smokeball’s legal document software capabilities, your current legal forms will look exactly the way you like them, only smarter (and with custom fonts, if that’s your thing).

Smokeball’s experienced legal document assembly software team will also work with your firm to improve document management for lawyers like you using forms across the country. Your firm’s letterhead and state-prescribe text are also customized for ease of use with full documents or blank letters and court submissions.

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Extensive Law Firm Legal Form Library

Never again waste time searching through closed files for a document you liked and want to use again. With Smokeball, you have a clean, organized Law Firm Form Library and access to over 20,000 public legal forms. Simply run a quick search to retrieve a firm document or public document you need for a new file.

The Law Firm Form Library can be organized by person, practice area or whatever other way works for you and your team. Easily insert logic to assemble your legal forms – use “If, Then Else” and “Ask” statements to fully automate even your most complex legal documents. There is no need to use a separate legal records management software; all you need is Smokeball legal practice management software.

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Area-of-Law-Specific Automation

Because of Smokeball’s unique matter types for over 250 practice areas, you can avoid using boilerplate legal documents and multiple systems. A criminal law attorney’s documents will automatically populate with pertinent criminal law information, while an estate planning attorney’s documents will populate with important estate information.

With an area-of-law-specific focus, your legal document management software is also your legal case management software in one solution, which means no more digging through old files for client details or searching online for the most updated form. Creating legal task workflows and document templates with Smokeball will make your practice more successful.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

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