Best Mobile App for Lawyers

Smokeball's mobile app shows you a summary of your overall day’s tasks, events, messages and more.

Legal Practice Management Software That Leads to Profitability

Available for iOS and Android, now you can increase your productivity when you’re out of the office or in the courtroom.

Mobile Daily Digest

  • All To-Dos and events
  • Never open your computer in the morning
  • Attack your day confidently
  • Check in from anywhere
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All Documents

  • View all files on your phone
  • Pull up docs in court
  • Never be caught off guard
  • All the evidence in your pocket
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All Matter Info

  • Important info on the go
  • Add billable time
  • Prep without paper
  • Answer questions from anywhere
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Smokeball’s mobile app for lawyers keeps your practice in your pocket!

Smokeball’s robust Mobile App for iPhone and Android devices lets you bring your practice anywhere. Stay in touch and stay prepared when you are out of the office with our mobile app for lawyers. Never be caught without access to a file or document, whether in front of a client or in front of a judge. Your entire practice and all the great features like your legal calendar and legal file management can be in your pocket everywhere you go.

Today, you probably have to call your office several times a day for file information and updates from staff. With Smokeball’s mobile app for attorneys, your staff is free to work on other tasks. All matter information is shared and on hand all day long. Your shared calendar is accessible on the mobile app so that you know exactly what’s going on with all staff.

Stay connected to your practice, bill on the go and receive daily updates every morning.

The Daily Digest is also a popular mobile feature, delivering a clean, simple list to your app so you know exactly what your day looks like when opening the mobile app. View all Word documents, read PDF files, and send emails on all your devices. Update or add new contact information while you are in front of that person. The Smokeball mobile app for attorneys is digital technology designed to make sure nothing falls through the cracks on any cases when you’re not in the office.

Bill between hearings, after meetings and on the go. With just few touches, billing entries are entered while they are on your mind and sync directly with your attorney billing software. Smokeball’s mobile app for lawyers is specifically designed for busy attorneys on the go. It is intuitive and simple to use, and it will make a huge difference in your effectiveness outside the office.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The app is fantastic and makes it easy to make calls, email documents, etc. Customer support literally responds within minutes and are the nicest folks ever.”

Huma Rashid

Wigell Criminal Defense
Separate Contact Book & Shared Legal Calendar

Have all your business contacts, including other attorneys, insurers, realtors, experts and more without having them in your personal contact book. Combined with the features and benefits of Smokeball’s legal calendar, you’ll stay more organized and better in touch than ever.

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Create Time Entries on the Go

The Smokeball law practice management software mobile app allows you to easily create time and activity entries no matter where you are. Launch Time Finder, on from your mobile app to search through all your activity and create or edit entries, and easily find them with powerful search.

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Manage Your Firm in One Place

Managing your firm in one place means no more Dropbox, Google Drive or additional mobile apps to sign into and manage. Maintain access to your entire practice with every matter including emails, documents, memos and contacts with unlimited cloud backup storage. There’s no need to upload or download each file to every matter — Smokeball is online case management software that automatically does it for you. Be a better attorney on the go!

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

Account Management
Online Payments
Email Management