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Unlock a world of business opportunities when you integrate with Smokeball. Join the movement of problem-solving integration partners dedicated to supporting law firms! Fill out the form to get in touch with a member of our partnerships team.

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Deliver seamless client experiences with us

Smokeball is committed to helping clients run their best firms with best-in-class integrations that enhance our legal case management solution. We push the boundaries of innovation to boost productivity and profits.

Connect with new law
firms around the world

Smokeball’s global teams help connect you with small and medium law firms across Australia and the United States to grow your solution with the burgeoning international market.

Amplify your brand with trusted legal tech leaders

Partner with Smokeball to align with a trusted organization with international reach. Our client-centric approach has established us as a legal industry-leading solution.
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As two innovators within legal technology, we stand united under the commitment to continually drive innovation for law firms of any size. By combining InfoTrack and Smokeball’s expertise, knowledge and experience, we can offer a world class integration and seamless workflow that elevates a firms day-to-day experience at work.

John Ahern – InfoTrack