A Digital File 
For Every Matter

At the heart of Smokeball is its easy-to-use case management software. Every matter you work on is created as a digital file, with the important details saved as you go. From within the file, you can see all correspondence related to the matter, access the contact details of relevant parties, and create documents and emails in a flash.

Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Get Organized

Matter Management In One Place

Post-it notes, legal pads, Excel spreadsheets, and journals are no way to run a practice. Your clients demand a level of punctuality that is nearly impossible to deliver without the use of technology. The good news is you don’t have to turn your practice upside down or spend your life savings to satisfy their needs. Smokeball makes the technology you use every day work harder and smarter for you. We connect Microsoft Word and Outlook to a simple, easy-to-use case management system so that every contact, document, and email is automatically organized and stored in a digital file for your team to access wherever they are.

Automated Document and Email Management

Ever write over a document? Can’t find a version from two months back? It’s time to stop printing, searching, resaving, and naming everything that comes across your desk. Smokeball’s deep integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook make document versioning and email filing headaches a thing of the past. Automatically save incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook in the digital file so you can see all emails relating to a matter, regardless of who sent them. Automatically version Word Documents, court forms, PDFs and letters inside the same digital file.


The Digital File: A 360-Degree View of a Matter

Eliminate wasted time between team members, and empower your staff with the information they need to wow your clients. The average attorney receives about 120 emails every day. Emails related to a client, case, or project stack on top of one another, piling up over time. When a teammate is out of reach and clients need answers, Smokeball provides that one true source of information. By filing emails, PDFs, documents, and other attachments into one digital file, you can keep your team apprised of changes at all times so they feel relaxed, capable, and competent when asked for information on the spot.

Group & Specialty Calendars

Smokeball tracks all critical dates for each matter and adds them to Microsoft Outlook. We also make it easy to view, share, and create group calendars across your firm. Use specialty calendars for different practice areas or purposes, then filter by critical dates, court appearances, personal schedules, or staff birthdays with ease. When you’re away from the office add new events from the mobile app.

Be Productive

Document Automation

Ready for a solution that actually helps you execute your work instead of just managing it? Draft a letter, turn it into a PDF, and attach it to an addressed email in less than a minute. Our document assembly tool is designed to make it much faster to create letters, documents, and forms. Merge all client and other matter information into your documents, with complete accuracy.

To quickly get your Smokeball template library up and running, our client success team will automate your commonly used forms, letters, agreements, and documents for you. Over time, we continue to add to your library to help train you to modify existing templates when small changes need to be made so your library is always up to date.

Tasks and Workflow

Tired of making lists upon lists? We can’t add extra hours to your day, but we can help you use the ones you have more efficiently. Tasks and Workflow centralizes your firm’s to-do lists and action items so you can spend less time planning what to do and more time actually doing it. Know exactly where your teammates left off or jumpstart new projects by automating common task lists. New matters you create can follow the same streamlined list of necessary documents to draft, including a corresponding task list already assigned and visible to your entire team. Every item is seamlessly linked to your form and template library, saving you time and energy.

The Smokeball Support Commitment

Experience world class training and service from a team that understands your world.

When you become our client, you’re assigned a client success manager who is also an attorney. His or her mission is to immerse in your practice, learn how you and each of your team members work, find which features you’ll use most, and identify areas of Smokeball that should be further customized to support your practice.

Then he or she delivers a customized training program just for you. Tailored training sessions, one-on-one help, and our easy online reference library called the Smokeball Academy are aimed to make your transition as comfortable as possible. After implementation is over, we will regularly check in with you and offer a helping hand whenever you need it.


Stephanie Gandy

Strohschein Law Group


“Smokeball has become a valuable asset to maintaining client matters in our firm. The processes from client intake and initial meeting notes to open and engaged matters have allowed our multi-disciplinary team to access and organize information efficiently. The staff at Smokeball is remarkable when it comes to their customer service! Strohschein Law Group recommends Smokeball to any law firm looking for a working comprehensive tool to manage client documents, files, and information.”

Eydie Glassman

Glassman Law Office


“I don’t know how I ever lived without this program. It has really increased my productivity. Also, the Smokeball staff is great and promptly resolves any problems or issues on the rare occasion that they occur. Sara Sultan was an excellent and very patient teacher, and I appreciate her getting me quickly up to speed! Thanks, Smokeball!”

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Everything you need to get the job done

Bank-grade security

We take every care to protect your data while it’s stored and transmitted.

Document versioning

Never save over a document again. Painlessly revert back to previous versions, and track the document’s authors.

Full text search

Instantly search across thousands of documents. Easily search for that odd clause or for a specific mention in an old email.

Minimal configuration

We tailor every matter type so they’re ready to use, saving you precious time in setting up your default matters.

Court forms

Smokeball includes federal, state, and local court forms, which merge your client and matter information automatically.

Quick notes

We’re taking Post-it notes to your computer, where note sharing is simple and powerful.

Easy PDFs

No need for other software – We let you do PDF conversion and merging straight from your matters.

ScanSnap integration

Scan directly into your matters using everyone’s favorite scanner. Other scanners are supported, too.

Auto-sorted contacts

Every court, attorney, and client is saved as you work so you’ll quickly build a powerful database of everyone you ever deal with.

Conflict checking

Our relational database makes it easy for you to track your contacts.

Matter tagging

Categorize your matters for easy reference, reporting, and workflow management.


Keep track of key dates, client information, and referrals. Easily export to CSV, Excel, and PDF.