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Being an attorney for businesses and organizations of any size means that keeping track of your clients' communications, court dates, and legal documents is imperative. Smokeball’s case management software for business law firms organizes all your client matters in one place and enables quick access to resources on the go from our mobile app. Your business law clients rely on your expert opinion, delivered in a timely manner. Let Smokeball’s business law software help you stay one step ahead of competitors and ensure your clients’ continued success.
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Organize Matters Intuitively with Business Law Software

Your clients come to you for your advice and knowledge to help them establish a strong foundation for long term success. Thanks to Smokeball’s business law software, you can be the trusted advisor they need knowing that you have all of their details readily available in one central place. Our case management software offers document automation features and a comprehensive library of over 20,000 legal forms so you can generate documents and forms necessary for every business within seconds. That means you will be able to quickly and easily return great results for your clients every single time. Use Smokeball’s robust integration with Microsoft Outlook so that all correspondence is automatically saved to the relevant matter and track all communication along the way. With Smokeball’s business law software — it’s that easy!

Smokeball makes my work more efficient. There’s the document creation side which is very helpful, but then there’s also the client management or matter management side. You can manage your emails and your client communications all in one place. I can access it from anywhere. Smokeball is magic.

Scott Kummer and Juliet Boyd, Boyd & Kummer, LLC

Guide to Law Firm KPIs
Your small law firm is a business, and every firm owner or managing partner must be able to take the pulse of their business. So how do you do this effectively and efficiently? Download our free eBook “The Ultimate Guide to Small Law Firm KPIs” and get more insights from your practice.
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Switching Legal Software
If you’ve become accustomed to working with a certain type of legal practice management software, it can be difficult to make a change even when doing so is necessary. This guide will help you with the process of updating how your law firm uses technology.
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