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Civil Litigation Law Software

With calendar and workflow features that keep you informed of every court date, motion due date, interrogatories and responses, missing a step will be a distant memory - when you have Smokeball litigation software on your side.

Be Organized and Confident in Every Case with Civil Law Software

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you missed a filing deadline or forgot to do something. That’s why Smokeball litigation management software acts as your second chair keeping you on track every step of the way.

Smokeball keeps all of your pleadings, discovery and correspondence in one place with the ability to perform searches on every item in the matter.

Plus, with automatic time and activity tracking built in, get paid for all of the work you do and know the profitability of each matter. Now, you can sleep easy knowing Smokeball civil law software has you covered and that you clients will come back for more.

“Smokeball’s definitely made a difference in the experience our clients have working with our firm. When they need a copy, we can instantly send it out, instantly pull it up. I’m able to go to court with a tablet or a laptop and have 100% of my files there. We’re not running to a file room looking through a card catalog and pulling something out.”

Josh Boehm

Josh Boehm, Cottonwood Law Group, LC

With Smokeball Litigation Management Software, You Get All This and More…

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