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Your clients’ well-being is the ultimate goal of your practice. With Smokeball's guardianship law software, you can worry about taking care of your clients while your case management software saves you time and effort by keeping you organized. Free up your mind so that it can be 100% devoted to your clients’ needs.
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Intuitively Store Guardianship Information so you Never Miss a Step or Deadline

Smokeball’s guardianship law software has extensive task and workflow features that ensure you are handling every step of your guardianship process with care. Task management features allow you to pass documents and to-dos around your office so nothing gets missed. Our guardianship law software lets you standardize your task flows so that nothing falls through the cracks on any guardianship matter. Protect both your processes and your clients.

With Smokeball’s legal software for guardianship, your filing and document management process is well-organized and easily searchable. Smokeball’s memo and notes features let you take extensive notes on what your clients need and want, and how they handle different situations. You can also take extensive notes on family members all in one place to keep track of your clients’ loved ones. Additionally, all of your client information is available on the Smokeball mobile app for lawyers when you are visiting clients and their families out of the office.

I haven’t opened a paper file since I started using Smokeball about 2 years ago and I sent the last of my paper files (all closed) off to be scanned and shredded. Paperless Office! Thank you, Smokeball!

James Pratt, Pratt Law LLC

With Smokeball Legal Productivity Software, You Get All This and More

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