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Accuracy and attentiveness is the key to protecting your clients and their lives’ work. Probate lawyers can confidently administer, challenge, and defend estates with the help of Smokeball's probate case management software.

Store Estate Details, Track Time & Automate Documents with Probate Software

Your clients depend on you for their fair share. Smokeball law practice management software is perfect for probate practitioners because it offers organization and accuracy from start to finish. Be prepared every time you take on a new probate matter and every time you step into the courtroom for your clients.

Smokeball’s legal matter management allows you to store all important estate information for easy access anytime it is needed. That includes estate details, family members, documents, emails, and calendar dates – Smokeball’s probate case management software compiles everything to do with an estate into one system.

Ensure all your pleadings, court documents, and correspondences are accurate every time with Smokeball’s
legal document automation feature. Let Smokeball probate software handle court captions, letterheads, and the complexities of various estate setups on your documents while you dig into the legal substance.

Smokeball’s Tasks & Workflows ensure that you never miss an important date during the probate process. Set up standard tasks with standard deadlines and dates to use on all your probate proceedings. With Smokeball law practice management software, it’s impossible to drop the ball.

Get the most out of all you do for your probate clients. With Smokeball’s automatic time-tracking feature, everything you do in the system is reported back to you and able to be put onto a bill. Never lose sight of all the things you do for your clients in the heat of the probate process.

Plus, Smokeball’s mobile app for lawyers lets you pull up important information in the courtroom or anywhere outside of the office. Be accurate from everywhere – your probate practice depends on it.

“I don’t want to go back to a time pre-Smokeball!”

Jeffrey Erickson, Jeffrey Erickson Law Office

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