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Whether you are dealing with 50 or 500 transactions per year, let Smokeball automate your workflow, assemble your documents and do the calculations for you so that completing your closings on time is a breeze.

Access to Your Clients, Files, and Deadlines from Anywhere, Anytime

We know that to be successful as a real estate lawyer, you need to be able to easily keep track of important dates, access your files and documents when you’re on the go and have an automated workflow process to ensure things get done when they need to. That’s why we built customized features and functionality within Smokeball to meet the specific needs of real estate firms like yours.

“Smokeball is everything we were promised it would be, and it is growing into so much more than that. I feel much more organized and efficient now, before if we didn’t have our hands on the physical file we couldn’t work. Now every team member has access to everything on the file, whether they’re working in the office, from home, or at the courthouse.”

Lora Matthews Fausett, Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C.

Real Estate Firm Testimony
After choosing to start his own real estate law practice, Brian Tharp of Tharp & Associates, Ltd. began searching for a way to run his firm efficiently, without hiring more employees. With help from Smokeball, Brian was able to shorten response time for clients, prepare documents faster and run real estate closings flawlessly. Today, Brian has the freedom to manage his firm the way he wants.
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Real Estate Guide
Whether you are working on a residential transaction or complex foreclosure, real estate-related legal work necessitates hours of paperwork. Each matter requires meticulous preparation and review, usually including a long list of dates to remember and many figures to calculate. Fortunately, Smokeball has made these tasks faster and easier for you to complete your closings on time.
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