Smokeball Pricing

Smokeball package prices vary based on the features of your firm and the particulars of your practice. During the consultation and demo process, Smokeball’s small firm specialists take the time to learn about your firm, its needs and its pain points, and a pricing plan is developed from those conversations.
The cost of Smokeball includes all our legal practice management software features, Smokeball Billing and a dedicated account manager. With saved time, more captured time, and increased efficiency and transparency after implementing Smokeball, firms have typically seen an overall profit increase of about 30%. With everything Smokeball does for a small law firm, its return on investment is significant.
“Smokeball’s automatic time recording feature has significantly increased the amount of time I capture, I would say by 30% or more.”
Joshua Boehm, Cottonwood Law Group LC
Smokeball is the leading legal productivity software on the market today. With a monthly subscription to Smokeball products, your firm also receives:
  • Unmatched and unlimited award-winning customer service
  • Training from expert Smokeball legal professionals
  • Award-winning account management allowing you to bring questions or concerns to a real person by phone or by email at any time
  • Around-the-clock technical assistance
For more information on Smokeball pricing packages, please call (855) 668-3206. We’re real people (in fact, a few dozen of us are former attorneys and paralegals), and we’d love to discuss your practice to develop a software plan with you. We look forward to working with your firm and helping you reach new levels of success.
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