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2024 State of Law

Growth Amid Transformation

Welcome to the future of the legal industry. In this comprehensive report based on surveying almost 800 legal professionals worldwide, we are unveiling the challenges and opportunities in the legal sector that will shape the year ahead in 2024. In a world where growth and inflation pressures are top of mind, staying ahead of the curve is crucial.

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Top Three Priorities for 2024

  • Growing firm / retaining clients

  • Managing inflation

  • Maintaining staff health and wellbeing

Law Firms' Growth Ambitions and Visibility Gap

Law firms face equal challenges in a landscape where growth and inflation go hand in hand. Discover how firms are striving for growth without clear visibility into critical metrics, leading to potential pitfalls in hiring and resource allocation.

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Make a great first impression

Hiring for Growth, Talent Bottlenecks, and Wellbeing Prioritization

Explore the hurdles firms face in hiring for growth and understand the talent bottlenecks affecting the legal industry. Learn how prioritizing employee wellbeing is becoming a business imperative.

Artificial Intelligence - Cautious Optimism and Early Days

Dive into the transformative potential of AI in the legal sector. Uncover how firms are familiar with and open to AI yet still have ethical and legislative concerns. Explore the varied enthusiasm across different firm sizes and specialties.

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The data speaks for itself:

30% of respondents

pointed to managing inflation as their biggest hurdle

27% of respondents

are currently using AI tools in their daily operations.

1 in 4 small firms

are not planning to grow
in the next year.

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