The Top 8 Reasons Small Law Firms Choose Smokeball

Thousands of attorneys use Smokeball legal practice management software to stay organized, get more productive and increase profitability every day. Here’s how.

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1. Automatic Time + Activity Tracking

Smokeball is the only legal practice management software that automatically records your time and activity. Time is your most valuable commodity as a lawyer, so stop giving it away for free!

Smokeball tracks every minute spent in our software, from reading and responding to emails to drafting documents and communicating with clients. Those details are automatically transferred into invoicing for every single matter. No more nights or weekends wasted trying to recount your client work, and no more forgetting items on invoices.

Whether you bill hourly, by flat fee or on contingency, Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time tracking software shows you value by matter, practice area and even employee. Law firms using Smokeball’s automatic time tracking feature see an average increase of 34% in profitability!

Law Firm Insights

2. Firm Insights Reports

Visualize your firm’s health with one click. Smokeball’s Firm Insights provide the business intelligence you need to proactively grow the health of your business. Meanwhile, you focus on doing what you do best — being the best lawyer for your clients. Smokeball’s law firm profitability reporting shows you which matters drive high ROI (and which don’t) to guide your small law firm’s path to increased profitability and efficiency.

3. Document Automation

Got forms? Smokeball ensures your firm’s most-used documents and forms fill themselves — automatically. Smokeball’s legal document automation software, powered by the best Microsoft Word integration on the market, saves small firms hours of typing and re-typing.

Plus, Smokeball is the only legal practice management software that’s preloaded with 20,000+ legal forms. We’re continuously scanning all areas of law in virtually every federal, state, and county jurisdiction to keep your practice the most up to date. Smokeball’s automated legal forms library saves time and creates error-free documents filled out in seconds with your client and case information.

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4. Award-Winning Account Management, Training + Support

Smokeball speaks your language. Our team of experts, made up of lawyers, engineers and businesspeople, has more than 20 years of legal tech experience. And over 50% of our staff are experienced lawyers and legal professionals. Our dedicated Account Management team provides software, step by step onboarding, unlimited software support, regular business reviews and new feature release training. From Day 1 to Day 1,000 and beyond, your team benefits from the help and support for unlimited success.

5. Robust Time + Billing

Smokeball’s integrated law firm billing solution automatically creates professional invoices based on your activity within each matter — even when you jump between cases. It also integrates with LawPay credit card processing so you spend more time earning money and less time chasing after it.

Smokeball’s powerful integration with QuickBooks Online rounds out your firm’s billing suite. Get the most money out of your hard work with Smokeball’s integrated billing and timekeeping capabilities.


6. Microsoft Office Integration

Smokeball’s industry-leading Microsoft Word and Office integrations give you the power to truly streamline your small law practice. Smokeball and Word power automatic document creation, and Smokeball with Outlook translates automated email saving and management. Increase productivity with the tools you already love, and avoid disruptions to your daily workflow.

7. On- and Offline Access

Smokeball works where you do. Our hybrid configuration of local installation plus cloud-based storage gives you bank-grade secure access to your data at all times. Whether you’re managing matters on the go from our lawyer mobile app, or stuck in a courtroom with a bad internet connection, you’ll always have the matter, case details and documents you need.
#1 Legal Case Management Software - G2 2022

8. The BEST + EASIEST Legal Software

Your colleagues have spoken. Smokeball sits atop G2’s rankings of the best practice management software on the market. Experience exactly what other lawyers, administrators and firm owners are saying about Smokeball’s features, service and results. Schedule your free, customized demo today and join the thousands of happy law firms increasing their productivity and profits!

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