In the ever-changing world of technology, some lawyers find it especially challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Although in this field lawyers and other legal staff aren’t required to live on the cutting edge of tech trends, it’s still beneficial to your firm to stay informed about evolving practices- one of them being social media use.

Below is a list of seven legal professionals who have created a robust presence on Twitter by successfully engaging with and providing helpful information for both clients and other people in the legal industry. Need some inspiration to build up your small law firm’s Twitter profile? Take a look at these accounts:

  • Sarah Jeong (@sarahjeong)- Fresh out of Harvard Law School, Sarah Jeong tweets and writes about current happenings in the technology law space. Sarah is also a regular contributor for Forbes online.
  • David Bilinsky (@david_bilinsky)- David offers practical advice for lawyers who are experiencing difficulties with practice management. He encourages and motivates other small firm lawyers to take control of their practice by staying ahead of industry trends, anticipating changes and facing challenges head-on.
  • Melissa Conner (@ConnerLawTweets)- From a modern personal and firm website to a robust group of Twitter followers, Melissa has kept her online presence relevant and up-to-date. Between engaging with others and broadcasting important industry news, this attorney’s social activity is a good example of what your social presence should look like.
  • Steve Worrall (@SteveWorrall)- Steve provides a wealth of information on estate planning and family law. His account mixes professional with some personal updates which is a nice touch for a family lawyer.
  • Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe)- CEO and founder of LexBlog, Kevin writes about the benefits of using social media in the legal industry and encourages others to take advantage of every networking opportunity they’re presented with offline and online.
  • Mitch Jackson (@mitchjackson)- Mitch is a senior partner at a two-person law firm who enjoys tweeting out the communication tips he’s learned after almost thirty years in the business.
  • Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi)- As the owner of Law Sites, Bob keeps a close eye on websites and new tech products that make the everyday lives of lawyers easier and more efficient.