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Matter Activity Timeline ends the need for constant memos

Noel Peel

Written by

Noel Peel


June 3, 2021

Law firms need to be able to access their data fast. When determining next steps in a matter or providing an update to a client, the ability to gather a full overview quickly is paramount. Smokeball has introduced a new feature to improve this process – Matter Activity Timeline.  

Matter Activity Timeline helps users to quickly understand what is going on in a matter and who has been sent what communications, when. Activity data is displayed in one streamlined list, giving a bird’s eye view of what has happened recently and providing a communication trail. If you’re not sure whether someone emailed you a link or sent it via messaging app, or if a client complains that they weren’t informed of something, Matter Activity Timeline supplies all of the answers in one convenient timeline.  

Previously, the wide variety of features offered by Smokeball’s case management software meant that a user might have to click through multiple tabs and sections to collect the desired data. Matter Timeline streamlines this process by displaying the matter’s completed key activities in one easily digestible area. Users can view recent matter activities immediately, without clicking through multiple screens. 

Users have the option to group, expand, and collapse activities to create their ideal default view. The timeline refreshes automatically and is not user-specific (meaning a user is not limited to viewing only the activities they have completed themselves), so users can be confident that the data is accurate and up to date.  

Some of the actions and communications included on the Matter Activity Timeline include: 

  • Emails (sent and received) 
  • Communicate messages (sent and received) 
  • Memos created  
  • Completed tasks, including standard tasks, phone messages (send and received), RingCentral, and Zoom meetings 
  • Events attended 
  • InfoTrack documents returned 

Matter Activity Timeline provides a new lens for your activity – use Activity Intelligence to see where your time is spent and measure your overall productivity; use Matter Activity Timeline to see what’s happening in a specific matter and what communications have taken place. 

Matter Activity Timeline is part of a larger suite of updates to our legal software and lawyer app this month and is available to all Smokeball users.  

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