Technology is truly changing the way our world works. From video calls to online banking, the business world has tech tools aplenty. These tools have the ability to transform your workday so you are maximizing every meeting, phone call and aspect of your business. Incorporating technology into your small law firm will increase your productivity and efficiency, but you shouldn’t simply start using every new tech resource you hear about. Here are some of our favorite tech tools for attorneys that are actually worth your time.

Dragon Dictation: This app allows you to use your voice to dictate anything from an email to a reminder onto your phone. The voice-to-text transcriptions may be sent as a text message, email or pasted into an application using the clipboard. This is a resource many lawyers rely on for days when they are on the go. It’s hands free and has a strong ‘ear’ for picking up the correct words.

Mint: Managing your money well is of the utmost importance with both your personal and work finances. Mint is an online tool and app that helps you stay on track with your budget, pay bills on time and ultimately manage your money better. The program automatically pulls all your financial information into one place, so you are able to see the entire picture. Mint will send you financial tips and advice personalized for your needs, which is a great benefit when managing your own law firm. This online meeting program is the resource you need for all the meetings throughout your day, whether with clients or your staff. allows you to meet on the go on any device, with audio conference by phone or internet. It’s easy to use and also very secure, which is a must when working with legal matters. allows for seamless collaboration between you, your clients and your staff.

Smokeball: If you want to turbo-charge your firm’s productivity, Smokeball will get the job done. The cloud-based matter management software organizes your case files, documents, important dates and emails. It allows you to produce documents much faster, clearing up your schedule for other important work tasks. The document drafting and automation also provides a form library to harness your firm’s intellectual property and create an organized filing system.