Free Legal Webinar: Mindfulness Beyond Stress Management

Mindfulness for attorneys is no piece of cake — it takes conscious effort to recognize, and then mitigate, everyday stressors that distract from legal work. That’s the crux of Smokeball’s free legal webinar, “Mindfulness Beyond Stress Management: A ‘How-To’ for the Skeptical Lawyer.”

We welcomed back attorney-turned-therapist Chelsy Castro to share why attorneys are especially vulnerable to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, and how mindfulness can help. 

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Cake does play a part in this webinar. Chelsy kicked off her presentation with a story about fruit vs. cake, illustrating how stress and distractions impair our ability to focus and produce good work. Practicing mindfulness helps attorneys re-center themselves by switching from a mode of “doing” to one of “being,” or focused awareness. 

Chelsy recognized that the concept of “mindfulness” might not resonate with all attorneys and that the term has become something of a buzzword in recent years. She offers an alternate definition:  

Mindfulness for attorneys is a way to learn how to become more aware of your mode of mind (“mental gear”) and how to disengage from unhelpful modes of mind and engage in helpful modes. 

After discussing the benefits of switching between “doing” and “being” modes, Chelsy walked through a few simple exercises to promote mindfulness for attorneys. While these practices are intended to help attorneys pause and re-center themselves, Chelsy also recommended trying them out with clients before and after a stressful moment like arbitration. 

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  •  Why and how mindfulness is a critical skill for attorney productivity and well-being 
  • The challenges of the “being” and/or “doing” dichotomy for lawyers 
  • Four science-backed mindfulness practices you can do every day 

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