If the past few months have taught us anything, it’s that the ability to adapt to changing circumstances can be the difference between a business thriving or being left behind.

As the legal industry adapts to our “new normal,” Smokeball continues to evolve alongside it. And to ensure that our clients are prepared to handle whatever cases may come through their doors, we’ve added automatic Form Suite Subscription to our legal software.

Smokeball’s built-in Form Library contains thousands of forms and templates that are kept up to date by our dedicated Content team. These documents are divided into what we call Form Suites – collections of essential forms and documents related to a specific area of law. During a firm’s onboarding period with Smokeball, they decide which Form Suites they’d like included in their Library, at no additional cost to the firm. A Florida attorney practicing family law and estate planning, for example, will probably have no need for Illinois personal injury forms. Customizing each firm’s Form Library cuts down on digital clutter and ensures that users can find what they need without wading through unnecessary documents.

But what happens when a firm takes on a case outside of the Form Suites they anticipated needing when they first got started with Smokeball?

That’s where the new automatic subscription feature comes in. When a matter is created in an area of law that a firm was previously not subscribed to, they will automatically be subscribed and all relevant Form Suites will be added to their library with no additional steps required by the user. Until now, additional Form Suites had to be added manually through Firm Settings.

We’ve also improved the Form Suite subscription window. Previously, the only way to tell subscription status was to look at the checkbox in the Status column. Now it will say “Subscribed” if the checkbox is ticked, “Unsubscribed” when the checkbox is not ticked, and “Unavailable” if a Form Suite has been deleted and is no longer available for subscription.

These Form Suite improvements are available to all users of Smokeball’s legal software, and are part of a larger collection of updates this month.