Today, small law firms face fiercer competition than ever before. With so much business conducted online, clients are not limited to firms in their geographic area, and can easily choose to work with larger, more established law offices. To stay modern and competitive, small firms must implement streamlined processes and make use of the right tech tools.


Modern, entrepreneurial law firms often work with clients with diverse needs and backgrounds. These clients may be large and small businesses, other organizations, or individuals. All of them will expect top-notch service and speedy response to their needs. In order to fulfill the expectations of all clients, successful small firms streamline their basic tasks with templates and tech tools to maximize efficiency. With the simplest tasks automated, the firm’s staff can step up their client service and focus more than ever on the task at hand.

Small firms make the most of their resources by allocating tasks sensibly and keeping careful track of where work on each matter stands. This way, no work is duplicated and everyone’s efforts serve a purpose. To ensure that this process runs smoothly, modern firms use tech tools to consolidate files and clearly track progress on every case.


A modern law firm must be up-to-speed with the latest tech tools. The firm takes appropriate security precautions when using cloud-based technologies, and chooses one appropriate to legal work, such as Smokeball. With these tech tools in pace, a small firm can move at the speed of business, whether its lawyers work in a traditional office, travel to meet clients or are based throughout the country.

The Law Office of Brenda Murzyn implemented Smokeball to organize the many documents the office generated, and has not looked back. Smokeball allowed the firm to file documents in a better way, and automate basic tasks such as the calculation of closing statements. The firm was able to increase productivity and efficiency.