Four Critical Ways to Modernize Your Firm’s Website

//Four Critical Ways to Modernize Your Firm’s Website

By now, almost everyone has a website. However, fully optimizing that website to the standards of 2014 can be challenging, especially for small law firms.

Your firm should get outside help for website design, but stay involved in choosing the features that will appear on your website. These are four things every site should have:

Blog for Thought Leadership

Simply the presence of a regularly-updated blog can help your site rank well in search results, and make clear to site visitors that your firm is currently active and on top of the industry. Use the blog to share your lawyers’ expertise in relevant areas. Your website will be the first place many potential clients will encounter the firm, so a blog is a chance to showcase your knowledge. Prove to visitors that, if they hire your firm, their legal needs will be in good hands.

Mobile Optimization

As of May 2014, mobile web traffic accounted for 25% of all global web traffic, and 19% of web traffic in North America. No one likes a site that is difficult to read and navigate on a smartphone or tablet. Optimize your firm’s website for mobile so that every site visitor has the best possible experience.

Social Media Integration

Include buttons on your site so that visitors can easily follow your firm on a variety of social media channels. Don’t stop there — be sure to keep offering your followers a steady stream of worthwhile content. Additionally, incorporate social share buttons into your blog, so that readers can easily broadcast your message to their friends.

User-friendly CMS

A content management system (CMS) allows members of your firm to update your website through a front-end user interface, without any need for new code. This is crucial for blog posts. Even outside the blog, a CMS allows for quick and easy changes to site content. Without a CMS, any change, from fixing a typo to adding a new employee’s bio to the site, can become costly and time-consuming. With a CMS, it can be done in a few minutes.

What other features do your favorite sites use? What site features have you never liked?

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