By now, most law firms have a website. However, fully optimizing that website to the standards of 2020 can be challenging, especially for small firms without a dedicated web designer. 

Whether your firm decides to get outside help for web design or use one of the many DIY tools on the market, there are four things every site should have:

Blog for Thought Leadership

Simply the presence of a regularly-updated blog can help your site rank well in search results, and make clear to site visitors that your firm is currently active and on top of the industry. Use the blog to share your lawyers’ expertise in relevant areas. Your website will be the first place many potential clients will encounter the firm, so a blog is a chance to showcase your knowledge. Prove to visitors that, if they hire your firm, their legal needs will be in good hands. Not sure what to write? Check out our blog post, 5 Types of Highly Engaging Blog Posts for Lawyers, for some ideas.

Mobile Optimization

As of 2020, mobile web traffic account for 50% of all web traffic, both globally and in North America. Mobile responsive websites are optimized to look good and be navigable no matter the screen size. Many pre-made themes from website builders such as WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace will be automatically mobile-friendly, but it’s best practice to always check your website on smaller devices to make sure it’s appearing the way you want it to.

Social Media Integration

Include buttons on your site so that visitors can easily follow your firm on a variety of social media channels. Don’t stop there — be sure to keep offering your followers a steady stream of worthwhile content. Additionally, incorporate social share buttons into your blog, so that readers can easily broadcast your message to their friends.

Consider SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of maximizing visitors to a site by improving its ranking in search engine results. The goal is to be one of the first results listed for a given term. You can get started by ensuring that your website includes the terms your potential clients may be searching for. Simply put- if you want people looking up “Chicago divorce lawyer” to find your site, make sure the phrase “Chicago divorce lawyer” appears on your website!

Your website is the online face of your law firm, a valuable tool to help you to grow your business, and a great way to connect with new and existing clients. If keeping your website updated and looking good isn’t currently on your to-do list, consider adding it your future self will thank you.