stress-free-billing-upcomingJoin Smokeball and LawPay on Friday, September 21 at noon CST for a free webinar: “Stress-Free Legal Billing for Firms & Their Clients.”  

The purpose of this conversational webinar is to start talking about ways to reduce friction in legal billing for both sides of the bill, the firm and its client. Today, frictionless payment methods mean that businesses (and people) get paid faster. Think of all the payment apps on your phone, and think about the last time you used Venmo to split a dinner check.  Legal billing should be just as easy, resulting in less stress for both sides.

Amy Mann, LawPay’s Communications Director, joins Smokeball’s own Josh Taylor, attorney and Legal Content Manager, to chat about stress reduction and efficiency trends in legal billing.  Josh and Amy will center their discussion around today’s business billing trends and how law firms can quickly come into the future and join the likes of Amazon to achieve almost-instant payment.  The webinar will focus on:

Legal billing is consistently the most common pain-point in a small firm.  Stress-free legal billing can be your firm’s differentiator right now! Focus on an exceptional client experience and creating a stress-free experience for you and your staff.  Simple changes in mindset and technology can help you increase cash flow and add efficiency to workflow.

We hope to have you join us on Friday, September 21 at noon CST for a discussion on bringing legal billing into a frictionless future.  Register for the free webinar here to save your seat!

Join attorneys like Jenny Ellingson of Di Duca Ellingson APC in getting paid more efficiently. Smokeball’s robust partnership and integration with LawPay means Jenny’s team is “getting paid where we wouldn’t have at all before.”  The ease with which clients can pay their invoice with a credit card has improved cash flow for her firm.  

“I would say it works out to a couple thousand dollars a month,” she said of the income that wasn’t flowing in before Smokeball and LawPay came on the scene. Get a full demo of everything Smokeball does for small law firms here.  There’s nothing small about reducing stress and increasing success.