As an attorney your day is scheduled down to the minute. There is typically little to no room for any small tasks, even one as simple as scheduling a meeting. The value of communicating with potential and current clients is necessary in a running any business, especially a law firm. Yet, it is easy to get overwhelmed with having to balance everything on your schedule. Small law firms require constant communication with clients and the quality of communication can impact your firm’s bottom line. Establishing concrete relationships with clients can lead to returning clients and even more referrals. Meaning more business for you and your firm.

How do assure every relationship with your clients are off on the right start? An organized receptionist is the best answer. They are the first person your clients speak to. From the moment a receptionist says, “Hello,” they are representing you and your firm. Meaning that your client’s perception of your firm is already established by the time they first speak with you. Furthermore, if they don’t answer the calls in a certain amount of time it can lead to a potential loss in clients. In the simplest terms, a receptionist is the gatekeeper to your firm: they get the clients to you.

Having a receptionist, or someone fulfilling their responsibilities, is vital to your practice. But what can you do if firm doesn’t have the resources for a receptionist? It can be easy to say, “Well, I can handle the calls.” But with what seems like a million things on your plate already, taking client calls can be what tips the scale. Not to mention the interruption can cause you to lose time since you have to refocus on what you were working on beforehand. So what are law firms doing solve this issue? Many lawyers are now outsourcing to virtual receptionist services across the county. With many of these services available 24/7, this gives your clients the option to reach you or leave a message even when you aren’t in the office. Providing clients with the assurance that their questions will be answered and their business is appreciated. As well as providing you with a service a virtual receptionist gives you the freedom to take the office with you. Take the office wherever you go or need.

With different virtual receptionist services out there it can be difficult for your firm to decide on which one best fits your needs. Here is a brief description of some companies your firm can use and unique features each one can provide.

  • Ruby Receptionists is only one of many virtual receptionist services available. Each receptionist is highly trained to adapt their services to the needs of your firm. At Ruby, your receptionist can forward your calls to wherever and whatever number you want. With their mobile app you can update your whereabouts and what you would like the receptionist to do with your calls. Meeting are part of your daily life as an attorney, with Ruby, you can use their mobile app to hold all calls while you are unavailable. Immediately after you can change your status with the click of a button. All of your messages can also be stored in their mobile app giving you easy access. In any business there are some clients that require more attention than others, Ruby Receptionist are available to make calls on your behalf. Allowing you to focus on other matters at hand.
  • Lex Reception’s services can simplify the way you connect with clients. Along with answering your calls and delivering your messages, Lex will schedule your appointments and send follow up email to confirm on your behalf. Their team’s services are available to you 24/7, including holidays, putting your mind at ease when your staff is out of office. Lex receptionists are experienced in client-care to assure they are providing you with superb quality service.
  • Alert Communications specifically work with law firms. They are able to customize their services to the exact needs of your firm. Due to only working with law firms, Alert Communications also provides firms with an intake service. When new clients call your offices, intake specialist will gather the information your firm needs to determine if a new caller should be accepted or referred out. This services allows your firm to swiftly analyze the new caller and decided if their case suitable for your firm.
  • Davinci Virtual Office Solutions provides your firm with the live call answering, message forwarding, and appointment scheduling your firm is looking for. Davinci wants to do what they can to give you more time to focus on practicing law. When obtaining Davinci, your receptionist can also take on administrative tasks and work. They will work remotely to support your firm and can assist in anything from travel planning to providing meeting support. They strive to handle those tedious task can be a distraction to any attorney when working on cases.

In a time where answering machines are slowly making their way into the world of outdated technology, it’s necessary to have your clients speak with a live person. A virtual receptionist can perform the responsibilities of a typical in office receptionist remotely. Giving your clients the personal attention they need without taking time away from you. When you are on the road, or simply working out of office, knowing you have  a professional person handling your clients is reassuring.