The life of a lawyer is a busy one. From client meetings to court appearances, the duties of a small firm attorney often take them away from the comfort of their desk and from close proximity to their case files. This can make working on the go can seem like a daunting task, especially due to the volume of paperwork lawyers need on hand at all times. Fortunately, with a little bit of planning and some help from modern technology, working away from the office doesn’t have to put a damper on your productivity.

Here are four tips that will help you make the most of working away from the office:

Plan Ahead

A little planning goes a long way when you’re working remotely. Be sure to let your colleagues know that you’ll be out of the office so you can cover-off on any tasks they might need your assistance with before you leave. Taking this sort of proactive step helps minimize the stress of being away from the office and can help you focus while you’re working.

Prioritize Tasks

When planning for your out-of-office work, try to find out of the location you’ll be working from has wireless internet access. This can help you prioritize what tasks you can accomplish while you’re out.

Bring tech tools

Working away from the office is easiest when you have all of your equipment! Don’t forget to pack your laptop, cell phone and all of the necessary charging devices to keep you up-and-running when you’re not plugged in at your desk.

Use cloud-based case management software like Smokeball

Client matters usually involve piles of paperwork and emails, making it difficult to work on certain tasks when you’re away from your office. If your office uses Smokeball, the cloud-based technology allows legal staff to access all of their client matters (document automation and management, emails, contact information, forms) in one place, eliminating the need to haul folders packed with printed emails and court files.