Dr. Jordan Leasure and Smokeball Put Lawyer Health Back in the Spotlight

On Friday, October 19, Smokeball hosted a wellness webinar with Dr. Jordan Leasure of Healthy Lawyer and North Shore Pro-Active Health.  Dr. Leasure joined Smokeball’s Josh Taylor for a conversation on “21 Days to a Healthier Practice”. The webinar put legal professionals’ wellbeing in the spotlight and highlighted how underappreciated the topic is in our busy legal lives.  By focusing on body, mind, and job, Dr. Leasure noted many ways legal professionals can begin to turn their health around.

Strengthen Your Body

A healthy legal practice requires physical health.  Dr. Leasure began the webinar by outlining tips to get your body capable of supporting your life in the law.  Eating healthy, taking supplements, and ensuring you move during a normally sedentary workday are just a few of the practical tips Dr. Leasure reviewed.

Sharpen and Relax Your Mind

Dr. Leasure noted that legal work is sometimes the equivalent of running a marathon.  Sometimes the mind needs breaks and resetting to work at its best. Mindful breathing, keeping a gratitude journal, and even meditation are shown to impact the mind as much as a regular physical workout regimen.  Sleep was another big discussion topic, with Dr. Leasure noting that poor quality of sleep can beget a vicious cycle of anxiety and depression. Finally, Dr. Leasure reviewed why hydration throughout the day is key to mental clarity and energy.

Tactics for the Workplace

Of course, being a legal professional means that much of what makes us unhealthy stems from the demands and preoccupations of our jobs.  The culmination of “21 Days to a Healthier Practice” was a discussion about how we can take steps in our jobs to reduce stress and strain, and get back to health.  Dr. Leasure outlined how prioritization and delegation reduce stress and how utilization of technology and other people will alleviate all pressure being on you.

As the practice management software built for less stress and more success, Smokeball is certainly able to assist with delegation, prioritization, and compartmentalization.  All these things help keep your mind at ease and in order. Smokeball saves incredible amounts of time through all its features, but especially through its document automation capabilities.  Delegation is a breeze with Smokeball’s Task & Workflow feature.  Transparently see who is doing what, and assign folks to help so that everything is not on only your plate.  Compartmentalization of everything within Smokeball by matter is key to less stress. No longer are chunks of time spent looking for documents or wondering if something was lost.  Smokeball’s legal matter management and email management tools provide peace of mind in every matter.  With all these tools (and much more) Smokeball helps get legal professionals to a healthier place because it delivers what needs to be done when it needs to be done.  Your brain can rest assured that Smokeball has your practice covered.

After noting all the ways Smokeball helps with the journey to health, Dr. Leasure closed with easy tips for immediate implementation.  Check out the webinar, “21 Days to a Healthier Practice”, and keep an eye out for Dr. Leasure’s and Smokeball’s companion eBook to be released by the end of 2018.  For more information on how Smokeball helps law firms achieve less stress and more success, visit its website here.