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Coogan Gallagher Law Firm

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Area of Law
Personal Injury
Firm Size
5 employees
Park Ridge, IL
Coogan Gallagher founding partner Jim Coogan gets 2.5 more days out of his week with Smokeball.

Coogan Gallagher has over 40 years of experience helping clients with various personal injury claims. The firm tailors their attorneys’ focus areas to ensure each client gets exceptional service. But when it came to implementing a practice management solution, Coogan Gallagher didn’t initially receive that same custom care.

Clunky and abandoned

Before Smokeball, Coogan Gallagher spent time organizing digital files, printing emails for paper filing as correspondence, and dealing with inaccurate document versioning. They purchased software to help manage their practice, but it wasn’t tailored to law firms. The clunky system was unintuitive, so staff didn’t bother learning or using it. Founding partner Jim Coogan sought a better solution.

Custom and accessible

After assessing several vendors, Jim signed up for Smokeball. A few months later, a global health crisis required staff to work remotely. “Smokeball made it extremely feasible for us to transition when people couldn’t go to office. We got work done, communicated with each other and worked on files from multiple remote locations. It made a huge difference then and still does. ”With Smokeball’s email integration and calendaring, Coogan Gallagher works efficiently and quickly even when staff is remote. And because Smokeball is cloud-based but installed locally, they don’t depend on a file server connection like they did before 2020. Attorneys work in a collaborative, easy-to-access environment thanks to Smokeball’s workflows and Microsoft 365 integration.

More than two extra days a week

Smokeball has “amplified the amount of work we do,” Jim says. He’s at least 50% more productive now that the law firm no longer wastes time printing emails, searching for documents and handling paper files. Jim estimates that administrative work that used to take an hour now takes five-10 minutes. “I can’t even imagine having to go back to the old ways.”

Coogan Gallagher Law Firm
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With Smokeball, we work so differently and so much more efficiently.

Jim Coogan, Founding Partner, Coogan Gallagher


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