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Texas Trial Lawyers

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Area of Law
Personal Injury
Firm Size
10 employees
Houston, TX
Smokeball supported Texas Trial Lawyers’ rapid growth from 10 to 400 active matters in just five years.

Getting things right from the beginning makes the difference in the long run. Thanks to his background in technology and engineering, Texas Trial Lawyers founder Mike Lowenberg knew the firm needed the right software to provide a solid foundation for success. The solution, which would help Texas Trial Lawyers handle its matters and run the firm, had to be user-friendly, cloud-based, and balance functionality and price point. It also needed to grow alongside the firm, evolving with new technology needs and new staff.

Why Smokeball?

After researching 10 providers, Texas Trial Lawyers chose Smokeball as the right fit for their growing firm. The staff found the interface easy to use and customize, meaning they could import their own forms and processes while taking advantage of Smokeball’s automated legal form library and templated documents. The cloud-based software allows anyone on staff to access a matter — a key benefit as the firm grew from 10 active cases to 400. Smokeball integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, so saving documents and emails to a matter is intuitive. Calendaring and deadline-tracking became part of their integrated workflow rather than additional busywork. Lastly, Smokeball’s subscription model removed the need for a big up-front investment.

Simplifying the Case Management of a Growing Law Firm

Smokeball is now essential to the Texas Trial Lawyers team’s everyday operations. Staff spend their day working in Smokeball, where they have full virtual access to every matter’s associated documents, emails and deadlines. Through the Smokeball app, the team can access this same information from their phones or tablets. Firm founder Mike monitors matter status and assesses staff caseloads no matter where firm members are working, ensuring everyone is on top of critical tasks and deadlines.

Just Getting Better

As Texas Trial Lawyers has grown, so has Smokeball. The firm’s suggestions for improved functionality have been implemented. And they’ve successfully adopted new features like e-filing and document e-signing, saving countless hours on in-person visits and time-consuming trips. “Smokeball has just gotten better over time,” Mike says.

About Texas Trial Lawyers

Texas Trial Lawyers, a 10-person law firm based in Houston, specializes in all sizes and kinds of personal injury plaintiff litigation matters. They practice at the state and federal court levels, as well as the United States Supreme Court. The firm typically has 400 active cases. Texas Trial Lawyers was founded in 2014 and is proud to have represented more than 1,000 people since.

Texas Trial Lawyers
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Smokeball has just gotten better over time.

Mike Lowenberg, Founder, Texas Trial Lawyers


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