E-Filing & Electronic Signatures for Law Firms

E-File and execute Electronic Signatures directly from Smokeball.

Case Management Software with Integrated E-filing & Electronic Signatures

Reduce costs and save time by sending your documents with Smokeball electronic signatures through DocuSign, the industry leader in eSignatures.


  • Seamless integration
  • Sign and send
  • Copies saved to Smokeball
  • Automatically filed into matter
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  • Sign from phone on the go
  • No more printing/scanning
  • Signed doc saved to matter
  • Easy for clients
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  • Know when signed
  • Record of signatures
  • Saved automatically
  • Emailed and saved
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InfoTrack and DocuSign = Paperless Practice

Smokeball’s exclusive integration with InfoTrack means that signing documents has never been easier. Smokeball law practice management software’s InfoTrack integration provides small firms the power of DocuSign. Create a document in Smokeball from the extensive legal form library, insert DocuSign signature clauses, and email to your recipient all with a few clicks. Add more than just a signature - you can include radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes, and even other supplemental documents that you want clients to read and accept. Layered on top of Smokeball’s robust document automation capabilities, the DocuSign feature makes your firm as close to paperless as it can be.

Know Where Every Document Stands

Even better, Smokeball stores a record of all documents out for signature and which documents have come back signed. You’ll also receive an email alerting you when your recipient has reviewed and signed the document. A copy of the signed document saves automatically into your Smokeball matter. Signing documents has never been simpler, and you’ll never again wonder whether a document was signed. Know more about all your documents from client agreements to real estate documents and other business contracts.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Smokeball keeps our firm well organized. We love that emails and documents can be saved to a matter, are easily accessible and in one central location.”

Brynn H.

“Our firm looked at many software programs - Smokeball has them all beat! The ease of use for the software, the support, the Account Management and the prompt response you receive when you need assistance. The document management aspect is awesome!”

Pam J.

Court Searching and Tracking

InfoTrack’s Court Searching and Tracking gives you instant access to all PACER searches as well as the ability to conduct searches across all Federal and Bankruptcy courts, some state courts, and trial and appeal boards. The type of searches InfoTrack can provide include Secretary of State Searches: UCC Summary Reports, UCC Secured Party Searches, Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Annual Reports and more. Company Reports: Business Background, Information, News and Corporate Linkage reports. Legal Reports: Filings by Name, UCC Filings and any Suits, Liens, Judgments or Bankruptcies against them.

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Seamless Electronic Document Services

In addition to providing a diverse group of sophisticated legal search tools, InfoTrack also provides several unique services for electronic signing and filing of documents. These services include, but are not limited to: Sign IT Electronic Signatures, 1099S Filings, and ability to directly incorporate your company in all 50 states in minutes!

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Fast, Reliable, & Easy Illinois e-Filing

Smokeball provides a robust e-Filing integration with InfoTrack, allowing the user to e-File directly from the matter, select matter documents and have court stamped documents saved automatically to the matter. Plus, all fees are automatically recorded in your matter to help you easily track costs. When you use InfoTrack through Smokeball, e-Filing will become second nature and your worries of Illinois e-Filing will disappear.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

Account Management
Online Payments
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