Smokeball + Family Law Software Integration

Smokeball is proud to announce an exclusive integration with the most trusted software for family law calculations, Family Law Software.  As the leader in legal practice management and productivity software, Smokeball is excited to partner with software that improves efficiency and accuracy for family law practitioners.  The exclusive integration between Smokeball and Family Law Software will allow small law firms to take advantage of all the great features that make Family Law Software an industry leader—financial affidavits, child and spousal support, and much more—while also allowing them to harness the power of automatic time tracking, unlimited cloud storage and unmatched organization that make Smokeball the best practice management software on the market.  With Smokeball and Family Law Software together, family attorneys will stop re-typing and keeping track of information in multiple places.

Feel the benefits of this powerful partnership:

  • Automatic Time Tracking: Family lawyers can finally get a full picture of how they spend a day – automatically! Smokeball’s lawyer time tracking software will automatically keep track of time spent in Family Law Software files and documents so they can bill more accurately.
  • Organization: Family Law Software files and other documents are stored in Smokeball legal practice management software alongside the calendars, tasks, and billing information.
  • Collaboration: Everyone in the firm can easily have access to Family Law Software files stored in Smokeball’s cloud storage system. Collaborate on work without all the emails!

For family law firms keeping track of complex financial and other calculations, the exclusive Smokeball and Family Law Software partnership is revolutionary. There’s no better way for a family law firm to make more money while improving efficiency and accuracy. For more information on what Smokeball offers family law firms, visit For more information on Family Law Software’s incredible suite of features, visit

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