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As a criminal defense attorney, you need a practice management solution that is as smart, agile and quick as you are. Smokeball's criminal case management software gives you access to your firm on the go and helps you keep track of all your matters and clients so that you can spend more time winning and less time managing.
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Access Your Clients, Files & Deadlines with Criminal Law Software

When clients put their freedom in your hands, you can’t afford to miss a beat. That’s why with Smokeball’s criminal law software, you can rest assured knowing that you are on top of your cases, court dates, and tasks.

Smokeball’s mobile app gives you instant access to your cases from any place. View all your court dates and know which courtroom you need to be in. Access your entire file and quickly view police reports, orders, and documents – no matter where you are.

With Smokeball’s criminal case management software, you can focus your energy on getting the best outcome for your clients and practice confidently knowing that you are connected and organized.

“I tried smokeball because a friend of mine said he used it and liked it. In a few short months Smokeball has transformed our office into a lean, mean, fighting machine. The calendar and paperless features were just the tip of the iceberg. The auto-time billing feature tracks everything I do in a case and totals up the time without me doing a thing. It was very easy to learn and the software catches billable time that I was missing.”

Corey Easton, Law Office of Cory Easton

With Smokeball Legal Productivity Software, You Get All This and More

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