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With automatic time tracking that will increase your firm's billing, seamless email management, and an automated form library, Smokeball's family law software will make your practice the most efficient and profitable it can be. Time is your most valuable commodity as a family lawyer, so get the most out of it with Smokeball's suite of efficiency and profitability legal case management software features.
Chausow Shafer, PC
"With Smokeball, my time is captured automatically and accurately. I capture more time I actually spend on a file, I know it is accurate and supportable, and have increased my billed time by about 30%. I’m not cheating myself anymore."
— Nancy Shafer, Family Law Attorney

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Smokeball promised tight Office 365 integration and delivered. The workflow process is helping ensure the ball does not get dropped and clients get their matters completed in a reasonable time.
Robert T., Family and Estate Planning Attorney

When we bill, especially in family law where our fees often have to be presented to a court for approval, I always worried about overbilling and was very careful to document what we do. But I always forgot to enter time for “quick” phone calls or emails, file review and the like. I also often downgraded the time I spent when I had to go back and recreate after the fact because I am a terrible timekeeper. With Smokeball, my time is captured automatically and accurately. I used to worry about overbilling and therefore underbill, essentially stealing from myself. With Smokeball, I capture more time I actually spend on a file, I know it is accurate and supportable, and have increased my billed time by about 30%. I’m not cheating myself anymore.

Nancy S., Family Law Attorney
Smokeball document automation has drastically reduced how much time our attorneys and paralegals spend creating documents. I don’t know if I have ever worked with a friendlier or more congenial staff with training and customer support. Day or night Smokeball is always there – answering our emails or taking phone calls.
Steve D., Family Law Attorney
Family Law Toolkit
Family law firms are often drowning in standard documents, letters, and public forms. That means your firm is probably well-versed in deleting information and re-using documents again and again. With Smokeball, documents like those included in this toolkit can be fully automated to save time every day. If you and your team can save hundreds of hours on document preparation, why wouldn’t you?
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Family Law Testimonial
The Reagan, Melton & Delaney team used numerous tools to manage their busy law firm, thinking that they’d never find an all in one solution… until they stumbled upon Smokeball. Over the years, the business has grown to focus on family law and a variety of other practice areas. After attending multiple demonstrations and testing free trials of other practice management systems, they found Smokeball.
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Family Law Guide
Family law attorneys dealing with sensitive matters like divorce, child custody, and adoption can understand the need to pay strong attention to every informational detail that a client may provide. With the well-being of families at stake, well-kept files and case management skills are of the utmost importance. In this guide, learn how Smokeball is specially built for Family Law practitioners.
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Specific Information for Every Type of Family Law Case

We know that a family law firm has many different types of new cases walk through the door. That’s why we make sure you can handle them all specifically with tailored matter types for divorces, custody and child support issues, guardianships, adoptions, and many more. Track only the information you need, and keep your family firm organized and streamlined. Smokeball even adjusts matters based on your state so that needed information reflects your jurisdiction. Legal matter management through Smokeball is unmatched for family lawyers.

Family law requires expertise in many practice areas. Smokeball provides the pre-formatted matters you and your staff need for each type of case in each jurisdiction. Use Smokeball’s divorce software for attorneys to open a pre- or post-decree matter. Track property, financial, and marital information as necessary. Use a child representation, custody, support & visitation matter, or many others for issues involving children. Smokeball’s family lawyer software includes the right solutions for any case.

Use Family Law Software to Communicate Better

Smokeball knows that consistent communication with clients is key. With Smokeball’s legal document automation feature, communicating early and often has never been easier. All of your family law firm’s standard correspondence and legal documents are automated to fill themselves out. Stop spending time typing and re-typing information. Smokeball’s legal document solutions make it easy and efficient to stay in touch. Plus, a library of over 20,000 automated public documents is at your fingertips.

Manage all the email that comes pouring into your family law practice with Smokeball’s law firm email management feature. Smokeball integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook so that every email is copied and saved into the correct client file. Stop digging through mountains of email on Outlook; simply open your file in Smokeball and effortlessly find the email you need.

Smokeball’s family lawyer software also provides legal tasks and workflows to ensure that nothing is missed and no opportunity to communicate with a client goes unseen. Tasks and workflows let you pass documents and next things to do to various people at your family law firm. Have clients easily sign documents electronically with Smokeball’s comprehensive DocuSign integration. Nothing falls through the cracks with Smokeball and clients feel taken care of.

Legal Billing for Family Lawyers

Smokeball includes a legal billing software that provides easy-to-read invoices, trust accounting, batch editing, and everything else a family firm needs. Easily run and print reports with one click, and take advantage of power integrations with LawPay, QuickBooks Online, and more to round out your family law billing toolbox. Rest assured with technology that provides security to trust accounting. Smokeball’s billing product for small family law firms will keep the whole office happy and keep payments rolling in.

Smokeball’s billing solution allows family firms to bill various ways. Whether you have flat-fee matters, hourly cases, or a different combination, Smokeball’s billing features have you covered. Start getting paid faster and more consistently by using Smokeball’s comprehensive billing features.

Automatically Track EVERYTHING You Do for Family Law Clients

Time is a family lawyer’s greatest commodity. Don’t lose a minute of it with Smokeball’s automatic legal time tracking software. Smokeball automatically tracks time spent in its main system, Word, and Outlook down to the second. Know exactly what you’ve done for your clients and for how long. You’ll never be stuck trying to remember how you spent your day because Smokeball will tell you. Add tracked time to the bill, or simply use it to assess profitability on a flat-fee matter by viewing your law firm insights reports.

By automatically tracking all time and activity on each matter, Smokeball delivers key data for billing and business analyses. Analyze profitability by matter, matter type, and even individual fee earner. Develop key performance indicators, and make decisions based on hard numbers.  Smokeball is the business side of a family law practice so that you concentrate on the important legal work you do for your clients.

A Dynamic Calendar & Mobile App That Goes Everywhere

Running around from client to client is what you do. Smokeball’s amazing mobile app for lawyers puts your family practice in your pocket. The mobile app delivers everything to your phone, including documents, emails, important case information, and your firm’s calendar.

Smokeball’s unparalleled integration with Microsoft Outlook also means that your Smokeball calendar can communicate with your Outlook calendar. Smokeball’s legal calendar for attorneys and staff is transparent to your whole team, collaborative, and easy to view from anywhere. With Smokeball’s family law sotware calendaring features, everyone is in the loop.

Additional Smokeball Perks for Family Law Firms

Smokeball ensures that you’ll never have to implement new software alone. Smokeball provides free award-winning account management with a legal professional forever. Along with that, each member of your family law legal team is fully trained on every Smokeball feature at a pace that works for them. Smokeball refuses to make powerful software inaccessible. Once your family law firm gets Smokeball, you’re never alone.

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