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Workers Compensation Case Management Software

Smokeball helps workers compensation law firms deliver the most precise representation to clients when they are at their most vulnerable.

Workplace Injuries Need Organized Representationation. Smokeball’s Workers Comp Software Can Help.

Your clients rely on your legal expertise to recover monetarily and physically from a workplace accident. So why not let Smokeball’s workers’ compensation case management software help your law firm deliver the absolute best service to those clients? Our law practice management software enables workers compensation firms to stay organized and communicate accurate information to clients anytime and from anywhere.  Detailed legal matter management software houses all relevant information about injuries, employment, insurance, and more.  Also, advanced calculators within each matter deliver the right numbers based on your client’s case.

Smokeball also manages law firm emails directly in your workers’ comp matters, ensuring that each communication is saved and recorded to the file automatically.  Take detailed notes directly into the matter from anywhere so that your settlement negotiations are informed and productive.  Smokeball’s workers compensation case management software can truly make a difference for your client’s recovery.  Plus, Smokeball’s mobile app for lawyers lets you pull up important information in the courtroom or anywhere outside of the office.  Be accurate from everywhere to facilitate speedy client recovery.

Workers Compensation Forms & Document Automation

From your detailed file, Smokeball will automate public workers’ comp documents from a library of over 20,000 public forms. Quickly file important documents with the Workers Compensation Commission or other adjudicative workers’ compensation bodies in your state. Saving time on document creation and document filing could mean expediting a settlement for your client. Plus, Smokeball’s workers’ comp software will automate your firm’s proprietary documents such as correspondence with clients and insurance companies and add them to your firm’s private document library.

Workflows for Efficient Settlement or Litigation in Workers Comp Cases

Smokeball’s legal task and workflow features allow everyone at your office to know where each Workers Comp matter stands. All staff members can pick up where others leave off. Nothing falls through the cracks with Smokeball’s workers’ compensation case management software. Settlements and litigations progress to the ultimate goal: your client’s speedy recovery.

“With Smokeball, we’re getting paid where we wouldn’t have at all before.”

Jenny Ellingson, Di Duca Ellingson, APC

With Smokeball’s Workers Comp Case Management Software, You Get All This and More

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