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Law firm business development — tasks like customer relations, marketing and networking — is a task that requires a human touch. Unlike time-tracking, billing and managing your email — all of which are automated by Smokeball’s legal practice management software — business development requires empathy, interaction and insight.

Fortunately, business development tasks are also high on the list of attorneys’ favorite non-billable responsibilities. In a 2021 Thompson Reuters survey, 85% of attorneys say they want to retain or keep client relationship development as a responsibility; 83% new business development; and 80% practice development. Because Smokeball automates your formerly-manual, sometimes-tedious tasks like timekeeping, your entire firm has more hours in the day for their favorite business development activities.

Brainstorm, organize and delegate your law firm business development tasks with the 2022 Smokeball Business Development Cheat Sheet. It’s a quick way to ensure your law firm is taking advantage of all the business development opportunities at your disposal.

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