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Berg and Berg Law Firm

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Area of Law
Personal Injury
Firm Size
7 employees
Chicago, IL
Smokeball gives Berg & Berg time to focus on their most important asset: their clients.

Berg & Berg law firm builds meaningful relationships and trust with their Chicago community. As a Smokeball client, they receive the same personal touch they offer their clients from our dedicated client success team. And when one of their own personal injury lawyers was severely injured, Smokeball's Workflows ensured the firm kept running smoothly.

Losing faith

Prior to Smokeball, Berg & Berg used a cloud-based case management system they had created in-house. But they didn’t have faith in how the software was set up, so paper piled up alongside digital clutter. The firm craved less clutter, more efficiency and faith in their technology.

A trusted provider  

Berg & Berg researched several legal management software providers and chose Smokeball because they felt valued. “They listened to us, and there were relationships formed,” says lawyer Peter Berg.  

Additionally, Smokeball acts as a single source of truth for the firm. The seamless integration with Outlook saves every email to the related matter, ensuring that Peter and his partner are always on the same (digital) page. Berg & Berg handles a high volume of medical records, so Peter uses Communicate to send clients quick status updates, share large files with ease and stay organized by converting messages to tasks.

When Peter was in a serious bicycle accident, the firm kept his matters in motion thanks to features like Workflows. Since a matter's corresponding events, tasks, and forms are visible to anyone in the firm, staff had full access to the case and critical upcoming dates and documents. Staff reassigned work, ensuring no deadlines were missed in Peter's absence.

More time for what matters

Thanks to Smokeball, Berg & Berg attorneys have increased visibility into each other's matters while enjoying the added flexibility of working remotely. In addition to the quantifiable cost-savings like eliminating paper, Peter expresses that it’s the intangibles that really count: “Smokeball gives us time back for our clients. Time for mindfulness.”

Berg and Berg Law Firm
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With other software services, the rep is always changing. You never know who you’re talking to and there’s no feeling of connectedness. That’s not true at Smokeball.

Peter Berg, Lawyer, Berg & Berg


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