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Klose and Associates

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Area of Law
General Practice
Firm Size
1 employee
New York City & Suburbs
A solo practitioner excels with Smokeball as an integral part of his firm.

Peter Klose represents clients in New York City and the greater metro area in a wide array of business, real estate and general legal matters. Peter’s extensive expertise attracts a wide client base and the email volume to match — coupled with a complex billing structure.

Live by email, die by email

Peter is a digitally savvy solo practitioner. Prior to adopting Smokeball, he and his legal assistant battled an onslaught of emails. Peter needed to find a way to organize 300+ daily messages. He also sought a better system for billing — a task he hated.

Revolutionary email management and billing

“Smokeball’s email management is revolutionary,” Peter says. He saves every email, sent or received, directly to the matter file without ever leaving Outlook. “It’s all in one place and streamlined.”  

Document Automation is another game-changer for Peter; he creates everything from tax forms to closing statements in a few clicks. The information auto-populates from the matter, so it's accurate every time. In fact, the document creation process is so fast that Peter sometimes generates forms for real estate attorneys on the other side of the sale.  

Smokeball Billing has “eliminated any fee disputes,” Peter says. A once-dreaded task is now essentially automatic. “I never have to write down my time. Smokeball records it all for me through Activity Intelligence, and it’s so easy to review and edit my entries.”  

Flying solo with a wingman

Since adopting Smokeball, Klose & Associates has grown more profitable. Peter’s capturing more time, more easily since Smokeball Billing records tasks Peter previously neglected to bill for. Plus, with airtight records, he’s saving time on hourly rates and has successfully argued for increased flat fees.

With email streamlined, billing a breeze and administrative tasks under control, Peter no longer requires a legal assistant. Smokeball is his wingman.  

Klose and Associates
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Smokeball’s email management is revolutionary. It’s all in one place and streamlined.

Peter Klose, Solo Practitioner, Klose & Associates


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