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Nick Davis Law Firm

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Area of Law
Family Law
Firm Size
5 employees
The Woodlands, TX
Savvy paralegal, Tracy Sebesta, is 25% more productive in Smokeball

Nick Davis Law Firm is comprised of three attorneys and two support staff. The team is tightly connected to each other and the clients they serve, even though they work from several remote locations. The firm’s connection, and resulting success, wouldn’t be possible without Smokeball.

Experts stuck in inefficiencies

The attorneys at Nick Davis Law Firm struggled to capture their billable hours. Highly motivated, results-oriented paralegal Tracy Sebesta wanted to solve this problem and eliminate redundant work. “As attorneys and paralegals, we sell our time and expertise,” Tracy says. She knew repetitive tasks drained time. The goal was to be an efficient firm that delivered excellent service and captured more time to bill for its valuable work.

Automatically better

Tracy did meticulous research and sat through 17 in-depth demos, explaining her needs and questioning software reps about software functionality and reporting capabilities. She chose Smokeball for its features and integrations. “Smokeball was fully and truly integrated,” she says. “I work in it all day long, and I don’t have to go in and out of other programs. It’s also user-friendly and intuitive.”

Thanks to Smokeball’s Automatic Lawyer Time Tracking every staff member’s workday is captured for easy billing and invoicing. “This is the easiest billing I’ve ever done,” says attorney Nick Davis. Nick is making more money than ever before because he captures all his billable time.    

The attorneys adore Document Automation, which allows them to create anything from marital settlement agreements to family law specific court forms quickly and consistently. “Every document has the same look and feel no matter who’s working on it,” Tracy says. “It adds to the professionalism of the firm.”  

Efficient, connected experts

Tracy estimates she’s 25% more productive with Smokeball’s all-in-one platform. With real-time access to matters wherever they are, staff’s work is streamlined and efficient—just like Tracy envisioned. Now Nick Davis Law Firm sells their time, in addition to their expertise, knowing they’re capturing every minute of it with Smokeball.

Nick Davis Law Firm
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Smokeball is user-friendly and intuitive. I love that I don’t have to go in and out of other programs.

Tracy Sebesta, Paralegal, Nick Davis Law Firm


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