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Pillsbury Law Firm

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Area of Law
Civil litigation
Firm Size
2 employees
Greenville, SC
Smokeball is life-changing for Pillsbury Law Firm paralegal Tiffany Davenport

Tiffany Davenport and Rodney Pillsbury make up Pillsbury Law Firm, a civil litigation practice in Greenville, S.C. Together, they form a well-oiled machine. But prior to Smokeball, that machine required lots of paper, a physical server and tons of storage.

Sorting and storing paper

Pillsbury Law Firm used physical files for everything; so many files, they housed all the boxes in a storage unit. The incredible volume of paper not only required a monthly fee to maintain but was cumbersome to search when specific documents were needed. Tiffany and Rodney also worked from a physical server and needed help with timekeeping, which was all manual.

Unmatched flexibility and visibility

Tiffany knew the firm needed legal practice management software. “I did extensive research on several different cloud-based case management systems,” she says. “Smokeball, to me, outperformed every single one of them with the integrations they had.”  

Smokeball gives Tiffany and Rodney unmatched flexibility and visibility into their practice. Tiffany recalls a day when Rodney sought old documents while she was out of the office. Using the Smokeball app, she searched old matters, found the documents and sent them to Rodney so he could finish a memo—all via her smartphone. “What would’ve taken me hours before, I was able to do in 30 minutes from a hospital waiting room,” she says.

In addition to benefiting from a single source of truth and working virtually paperless, Pillsbury Law Firm uses Activity Intelligence and AutoTime to eliminate billable time entries. Smokeball tracks the pair’s work, automatically attaching it to the matter. Billing is now as easy as reviewing the invoice, making minor edits and printing—a massive administrative time-savings. Tiffany also loves Leads Management to follow up with prospective clients, ensuring the firm doesn’t lose out on new business.  

Freedom to work from anywhere

Because Smokeball is cloud-based, Tiffany and Rodney can work remotely with ease. In January 2021, Tiffany transitioned to work full-time from home. She also occasionally works off solar power and a smartphone hot spot from the woods of Virginia. “I love the flexibility that Smokeball gives me,” she says.  

Pillsbury Law Firm is now empowered and efficient, saving huge amounts of administrative time. They’ve also increased the monies coming into the firm. “We’ve definitely been able to modernize and streamline the practice with the help of Smokeball,” Tiffany says.  

Pillsbury Law Firm
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What would’ve taken me hours before, I was able to do in 30 minutes from a hospital waiting room.

Tiffany Davenport, Paralegal, Pillsbury Law Firm


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