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Your personal injury clients are in a difficult and vulnerable point in their lives, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get them back on the road to recovery. Let Smokeball track all medicals, negotiations and documents so you can focus your energy on fighting for your clients. Let the best personal injury case management software on the market make your law firm its smartest and most efficient.
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Marker & Crannell, Personal Injury Law
"Smokeball has absolutely improved our clients' experience with our firm."
Jonathan Crannell, Esq.

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When you’re a personal injury lawyer it’s your reputation, your name, on the line, and your name is what people associate with the product, the service, your timeliness and ultimately the result. Smokeball is an enormous productivity benefit for our firm that puts us on par with the insurance companies and defense firms who have had systems like this for years to manage the flow of claims and litigation.
David W., Personal Injury Attorney
I have a personal injury practice. The PI case set up is fantastic. I had two goals when shopping for my next case management system. I needed portability. I also wanted simplicity. I got both with Smokeball. Wherever I go: court, depositions; out of town; the conference room; my entire file drawer is there with me. At my desk, or on the road with my laptop, I am able to access not just “some” of the file. I have ALL of it: documents; file data; emails; calendar; upcoming tasks – my office in my smartphone.
Matthew L., Personal Injury Attorney
Without a doubt the best support from a software company I have ever experienced. And it does not stop after commitment and migration. The Smokeball team constantly works to improve its product and continually focuses on the users experience and needs to make those improvements—very impressed by the continued support. Smokeball helps immensely in simplifying processes that occur from one file to another. In doing so, it helps save time for my staff and has us on the road to greater efficiency.
Monty Y., Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Toolkit
Personal Injury firms are the kings of standard documents, letters, and forms. That means your firm is probably well-versed in deleting information and re-using documents again and again. With Smokeball, documents like those included in this toolkit can be fully automated to save you and your staff time every day.
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Marker & Associates, A Testimonial
For Personal Injury firm Marker & Associates, Smokeball has given them quicker results, the ability to move cases more efficiently and provide more customized treatment from their attorneys and support staff because anyone is able to pick up where someone else left off.
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Personal Injury Guide
As a personal injury attorney, you fill the role of advocate, counselor, and confidant when a person’s life is shattered by tragedy or loss resulting from an accident. You work hard for your clients. It’s time you had software that works just as hard for you. Smokeball allows you to get in, get to work, and get back to what matters most, serving your clients.
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Improve Client Communication With Personal Injury Software

We know that a personal injury attorney’s communications with clients are continuous, numerous, and maybe even overwhelming. They’re also the most important way to let your clients know you care about their case. That’s why Smokeball offers the utmost control over client communications with its legal document automation features. With a library of standard letters at your beck and call, you’ll never miss a client correspondence opportunity.

In the personal injury world, clients are at their most vulnerable; it’s imperative that firms maintain contact with clients to prevent dissatisfaction and remove the risk of lawyer switching.  Don’t let slow communication cost your firm. Smokeball automates your communication process without losing a personal touch so that your clients will always know you’re thinking of their case and keeping them in the loop. Smokeball’s personal injury case management software will automate all standard letters and emails so that correspondence goes out the door with a few clicks and no additional data entry.

Smokeball also ensures that correspondence with insurance companies, medical providers, and adjusters is standardized and efficient. By tracking every key detail of a case including insurance policies, injuries, auto insurance, and much more, the Smokeball personal injury attorney can generate and send documents for anyone from anywhere. Smokeball streamlines communications so that the stress of the personal injury process is eased for your firm and your clients.

Access Free Automated Court Forms & Personal Injury Documents

Smokeball offers a comprehensive automated legal forms library of over 20,000 public forms and documents. Within that library, the personal injury lawyer and their staff can find all documents needed for a standard personal injury case. From civil cover sheets to rules-based interrogatories, Smokeball ensures that standard personal injury documents fill themselves out to save staff time.

Track Your Personal Injury Cases and Know Where Each Stands

Personal injury law is all about juggling a diverse caseload. Smokeball keeps everything compartmentalized and streamlined for easy tracking with intuitive legal matter management. With Smokeball, you know at a glance where each case stands. An organized home screen, document request tracking, activity intelligence, and statute of limitation reports all combine to provide up-to-date case statuses.

Smokeball’s dedicated personal injury matter types keep track of document requests. With Smokeball, you will always know which medical providers and insurance companies owe you documents. Plus, Smokeball’s intricate legal Tasks & Workflows software ensures nothing is missed and everything is followed up on in a timely manner. You can even attach documents and automated templates directly on Tasks & Workflows.

Similarly, Smokeball meticulously tracks statutes of limitation and provides reports so that no statute runs. Smokeball empowers the entire office to take responsibility over preventing malpractice. Stop letting statutes get lost in piles of paper or somewhere in a separate legal calendaring software.

Smokeball provides transparency about what has been done on each personal injury case. Smokeball’s Activity Intelligence feature shows everything done in the system and for how long. Not only are you able to stay on top of what work is being done, you are protected if your firm ever needs to prove its fees. Combined with automatic lawyer time tracking software, Smokeball captures all the time spent on a matter so you’ll never need to recreate what’s been done to get paid.

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Reporting to Gain Insight Into Your Personal Injury Practice

Smokeball delivers key Firm Insights to run your business. Comprehensive law firm reports show you where your business comes from and why. Key financial information is front and center so that you, as a small business owner, know what and who is profitable. Smokeball provides numerous reports on new business, fees, activities, and lead analysis. And the best part is that Smokeball creates these reports automatically and in real time from the data in its system – no double-entry!

Marketing, Training & Support Included

Smokeball integrates with Campaign Monitor for mass email campaigns directly from your Smokeball contact lists.  Take your personal injury firm’s marketing to the next level with Smokeball.

Training your team is essential to seamless adoption of a new personal injury case management software.  Smokeball’s award-winning client success team will give your team all the training they need, tailored to a busy personal injury practice.  Additionally, Smokeball provides unlimited technical support and account management throughout your entire Smokeball experience.  Real human support is essential, and Smokeball ensures its staff of lawyers and former legal professionals are there for your firm every step of the way.

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